Development Planning

Connexus Transport Advisory provides transport appraisal and design services to the development industry. We advise on a wide variety of developments types from small scale housing and business, though to complex mixed use commercial, retail and industrial.

We provide a pragmatic approach, seeking solutions not problems. Our core aim is to develop a collaborative working environment with industry partners to facilitate a full understanding of client needs and project aims and objectives. This allows Connexus Transport Advisory to map out the most appropriate traffic and transport approach for the project.

Our team has extensive experience in delivering the key traffic and transport component of any planning submission, the Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA). The TIA forms the evidence base to allow assessment by the appropriate authority and may feature a wide variety of topics depending on the development, including: policy appraisal, business operational assessment, access assessment, data analysis, traffic modelling, servicing arrangements, parking requirements, active transport penetration and more.

With the additional requirements stemming from state government approval, Connexus Transport Advisory is uniquely positioned, through our wider service offerings and our knowledge of state government assessment processes and requirements, to support clients in driving forward both standard and complex development proposals.

Five examples of Development Planning services:

  • traffic impact assessment
  • carpark planning and design
  • traffic and transport modelling appraisal
  • active transport planning and engineering
  • access appraisal