Transport Engineering

Connexus Transport Advisory provides project management and technical delivery expertise to private sector construction partners, development companies, professional service providers, and various levels of government within Australia.

Our commissions range from local projects with local impacts, through to state significant projects with both regional and national influence; many of which require independent funding approval.

Our wider technical expertise facilitates pre-design planning using cutting edge industry software. This may include the development of operational traffic and transport computer simulations to better understand the appropriate conceptual layout and performance of an infrastructure proposal. From this informed position, more detailed design can be developed and progressed.

As a business we thrive on the collaborative team challenge of developing bespoke transport infrastructure designs as part of a wider tender design team. We excel in the provision of value engineering services on existing infrastructure designs to drive innovation, ensure maximisation of capacity (whether it be assessed in vehicles or persons), identify network improvements, and reduce the capital cost.

Five examples of Transport Engineering services:

  • infrastructure design
  • tender design review
  • design feasibility review
  • active transport design
  • public transport design