Transport Analytics

Connexus Transport Advisory is regarded as one of the industry leaders in the development of transport analytical solutions. The solutions delivered by our team facilitate funding, planning and design assessments on behalf of infrastructure owners, operators and government departments.

We understand the value in embracing the vast data sets available, better known as Big Data, and applying the insights gained. We apply established and emerging analytic software tools to interrogate data sets and extract the most appropriate outputs for improved transport analysis. In addition, we operate bespoke machine learning / deep learning based skills to better understand trends, patterns, and transport forecasts.

Connexus Transport Advisory offers a wide array of transport analysis services, from the assessment of localised traffic operational impacts using multi-modal microscopic modelling platforms, through to detailed multi-modal demand forecasting at a macroscopic level.

We are applying our knowledge and skills on existing projects to better understand the impact of future transport opportunities involving concepts ranging from Connected and Automated Vehicles through to Mobility as a Service.

Five examples of Transport Analytics services:

  • data interrogation, programming and analysis
  • microscopic, mesoscopic, hybrid and macroscopic modelling
  • multi-modal travel demand forecasting
  • economic analysis
  • tender design refinement