Transport Planning

Connexus Transport Advisory thrives on being part of the process that delivers sustainable transportation networks for the needs of a rapidly evolving transport future.

We offer a proven track record in delivering complex transport infrastructure planning solutions for both
the private and public sectors.

Our project experience varies in nature and includes: network assessments, route, corridor and link planning, airport land use planning, infrastructure planning of state significant road schemes, light rail planning and design, freight planning and assessments, pedestrian and cycling planning, mining and resources movement assessments, economic assessments and more.

As a business, our planning aims to be objective-led rather than solution-led which avoids pre-conceived solutions being brought forward without considering other options which may solve the identified problem or meet the identified opportunity. This approach facilitates the identification of the most appropriate transport intervention, both for the client and the end users.

Five examples of Transport Planning services:

  • network, route, corridor and link planning and assessment
  • business case development to support funding submissions
  • freight planning
  • public transport planning
  • future transport and infrastructure planning